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Urban Center Bologna

Permanent exhibition

The completely renovated, permanent exhibition at Urban Center Bologna, displays the urban, environmental and promotional policy initiatives of the city, and the most important urban renewal projects that are either in progress or planned.

Urban policies
Lively, Green and Open: the main policies that are changing the city and the metropolitan territory of Bologna.


The policies for Bologna lively

A city in transformation: from the quality of public space to new ways of living the city, from the physical renewal of brownfields and disused areas to actions on buildings for schools.

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isBologna Lively policies                           


The policies for Bologna green

A more sustainable city:
from agriculture to a new link with nature,from climatic change adaptation to energy saving, from separate waste collection to recycling and reuse of objects.

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The policies for Bologna Open

A city as an open code:
from promotion of the qualities and riches of the territory to digital innovation, from civic collaboration to social inclusion.

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isBologna Open policies                           


Benvenuto nel Biciplan
Benvenuto nel Biciplan
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