Bologna stimulates policies for valorisation, touristic promotion and economic development of the city.

International city. A short video about some of the most famous places in Bologna:  the squares in the historical centre,  the Airoport, the University, the Fair, the "City of Food" markets, the San Luca porticos. In the video the city brand underlines the dynamism of the city.

Genus Bononiae project: a video showing historical heritage  of palazzo Pepoli, palazzo Fava, Casa Saraceni, Santa Maria della Vita, San Giorgio in Poggiale, San Colombano, Santa Cristina, San Michele in Bosco:

City branding project -"is Bologna": a short video about  the first co-generative logo of a city, an open and dynamic writing system that allows everybody to contribute to the construction of the visual identity of Bologna.

Video dedicated to "Bologna is City of Food", a project created to coordinate all the initiatives on food that take place in Bologna in order to strengthen territorial marketing objectives starting from the appointment with the Expo in 2015 and beyond.

This is the video where actions for promotion and development are described with more information:

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